A Heart-Melting Show About Nyanko Cats and their Adventures.

Nyanko Days Ending

Nyanko Days is a show that certainly won’t be for everyone, but I found myself enjoying the two minutes of heart-melting Nyanko antics every week. This season was no different.

In this episode, Chiya meets a Rank One Urara and Kon gets caught by Saku on an errand. Neither seem to have much of a future together.

What happened?

Yuuko Konagai is a shy high school girl who has trouble making friends outside of her classroom. She spends her weekends playing video games and feeding her three cats, Maa, Shii, and Ro. These adorable creatures are called Nyanko; a fusion of human and feline genes that give them an appearance similar to humans and the ability to speak and communicate.

One day, the trio decides to amuse themselves by trying their hand at drawing. They are not too successful, but at least they have fun trying.

Later, the girls find a local festival, and they decide to go there with their cats. They run into Azumi and Elza, who also have cats, and they all have a good time together.

Why did I like it?

One of the things that made this show special is that it strove to give us insight into how the characters think and feel. This can be seen in the scene where Nyanko-sensei comes back to the Fujiwara’s house and discovers shards of newspaper all over the floor. Normally, this would prompt him to accuse and scold Natsume for doing it but instead he merely slinks away into the bushes.

I believe that this is a testament to the fact that Nyanko-sensei does care about how Natsume feels but it is just so difficult for him to express himself. He also does not understand that money is hard to come by and that people often have to borrow from others in order to afford luxuries like food, shelter and entertainment. This is why he tries to steal from those around him. He just doesn’t know any other way to get what he wants. This is also why he tries to deprive Hotaru of her life with Akifumi.

What I didn’t like?

Nyanko Days managed to instill one specific thought in me every week; “I wish it was longer.” However, that’s the beauty of short anime, they can be very fun to watch in shorter bursts. The low runtime also helps keep the show’s jokes fresh, whereas they might get old if they were dragged out over 12 full-length episodes.

For instance, when Nyanko-sensei stumbles upon the lower-class youkai gossiping about him behind his back he decides to surprise them by showing up and pointing out all of their faults to them. He could have just screamed at them and gone back to his hiding spot, but instead he chose to show them rather than tell them.

Overall, I found this show to be very cute and entertaining. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also, if you are a fan of girls with cat ears then this show is definitely for you!

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A Heart-Melting Show About Nyanko Cats and their Adventures.

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