A Heartwarming Anime About a Shy Girl and Her Three Cat Companions.

Yuuko Konagai (Japanese Anime)

Yuuko Konagai is a shy first-year in high school who lives with her three cats, Maa, Rou, and Shii. The show is about their daily life and her friendship with Azumi Shiratori, another cat lover.

It’s a fun and lighthearted series, but for those who haven’t read Girls’ Last Tour it may seem a little too similar.

Yuko Konagai

Yuuko Konagai is a shy first-year high school girl who doesn’t have many friends. But when she returns home after a long day, her three cats Maa, Shii, and Rou are there to greet her. They resemble human girls with cat ears and can speak in Japanese. They even have a dietary preference for cat food!

Despite her shyness, Yuuko has a gentle personality and enjoys being alone with her kitties. She adores them to the point that she often calls them “angels” and pats them lovingly.

One of her classmates, Azumi Shiratori, is also a big cat lover. They get to know each other at a cafe owned by Azumi’s family, and the two start spending more time together. Although Yuuko is still nervous around other people, she and Azumi have a close bond that includes mutual admiration. The show is designed for those who like cute things, and especially for cat lovers! It will give you a heartwarming feeling every time you watch it.


Yuuko Konagai is a shy girl who has trouble getting along with her peers, but she makes sure to make time for her three cats. The cats, Shii, Rou, and Maa are her constant companions and bring out the best in her. They often squabble, but they also have moments of tenderness.

Maa is a mischievous munchkin who loves to mess around. She’s the most child-like of the trio, and her lack of caution sometimes lands her in trouble. She’s the most playful of all the cats, and she’s always looking for a good time.

Despite having a pretty thin premise, Nyanko Days consistently delivers two minutes of cuteness each episode. It may not be the greatest anime of the season, but it’s still a lot of fun. Its shenanigans will appeal to fans of cute things and cat lovers alike. It also doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. That’s why I love it so much.


The shy protagonist of this adorable short show, Yuuko Konagai, is a high school girl who has a particular fondness for cats. Her three felines, Shii, Maa and Ro, brighten up her day with their antics. However, she has a hard time making friends at school.

Despite her timid demeanor, Yuuko is a determined girl. She wants to make true friendships with Mari, Shirase and Hinata. She believes that by working together, they can commiserate over setbacks and celebrate successes. She also believes that the benefits of hard work far outweigh any initial costs.

In this way, the dynamics between Yuuko and Majime resemble those of Chito and Yuri. The two girls are both stubborn and independent, but they are also able to compromise with each other. As they spend more time with each other, they slowly grow closer to one another. Their relationship is sweet and heartwarming, and it is made even better by the constant yuri fanservice.


This cute series about a shy girl and her 3 chibi cat girls is a fun watch. Its pretty refreshing and skillfully maintains its kawaii-ness in every episode. The shenanigans involving the cats is the highlight of this anime but there are also human scenes that make it worth watching.

This is a very short and adorable anime about the daily lives of Yuuko Konagai and her three cat-girl friends, Maa, Shii, and Rou. The cats are a lot like people, and they can be very mischievous and have a sense of humor. They are also able to read and have a certain level of dexterity.

Fans of the author’s previous series, Girls’ Last Tour, will feel right at home in this series. It features many of the same iconic idiosyncrasies that made it unique, such as the rough yet complex art style and the constant yuri fanservice. It even features guest appearances by Chito and Yuri, who make their mark on this series just as they did on the earlier one.

A Heartwarming Anime About a Shy Girl and Her Three Cat Companions.

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