Faster Meatshields, Special Attacks, Power-Ups, and Special Powers in Nyanko Battle Cats

Nyanko Battle Cats

nyanko battle cats is a free-to-play tower defence game developed by PONOS corporation. It follows an army of Cats as they travel the world and conquer its nations in a tug-of-war style Tower Defence battle.

A new version of the game has been released with a number of changes. The most notable change is the addition of a Cat Cannon that can change enemy unit traits.

Faster Meatshields

There are several meatshields that can help halt enemies’ progress, but the best ones are a lot faster than other units. The most recognizable of these is Cat, who stands at a short distance and can absorb many hits before regenerating. Others are more expensive, but can stand at a much farther distance and protect the stack against certain LD enemies. Examples include Sports Day Cat and Fungi Cat.

The rarest of these is Radiant Aphrodite, who was available through the Rare Cat Capsule in The Almighties: The Majestic Zeus event. This unit is one of the best snipers in the game and can stall enemy backliners and deal incredible damage to Alien enemies. She also has a decent attack and great health. This makes her a very versatile general-use meatshield that can be used on nearly any type of stage. She’s also a good choice on levels with a lot of enemy peons.

Special Attacks

Each Cat and enemy unit has base stats and abilities that affect their performance on the battlefield. Some Cats can freeze enemies while others deal more or take less damage from certain enemy types.

Some units can create mini-Surge attacks that are similar to their normal attack but inflict a fraction of the damage. These attacks only hit if the unit hits an enemy. Enemies with the “Immune to Surge” or “Resist Wave” ability take no damage from these attacks.

Certain units can break Barriers that would otherwise resist their damage. Fencer Cat can do this, as well as certain other units like the Breakerblast Cannon. Mesocosmocyclone, an uber rare cat that is both a rusher and sniper, can even teleport enemies behind the enemy base under some circumstances. The evolved version of this unit also has a chance to destroy Barriers when they attack, which can be useful against the heavily armored Metal enemies.


There are a number of power-ups available that can improve a player’s experience in the game. Research Power Up reduces the recharge time for Cat Units, Accounting Power Up increases the amount of bonus money earned from clear stages and Study Power Up decreases the minimum deployment time to deploy a unit.

One of the most powerful power-ups is the Cat Cannon which allows players to control enemy units in versus mode, as well as lowering their base’s Power Gauge. In addition to these there are also a number of additional power-ups that can be used to help increase a player’s score.

nyanko battle cats is a popular tower defence mobile video game from PONOS corporation. It was originally released in November 2012 as Nyanko Daisensou, and was later updated to the English title of The Battle Cats. The game has a wide range of Cat Units that can be specialised for different roles. Some are backline attackers that can deal heavy damage or debuff enemies, while others have high range and can hit multiple backline enemies at once.

Special Powers

A Cat’s special powers are what make it stand out from other units on the field. These abilities can give a unit different roles, such as a meat shield or crowd controller, and can also change how it performs against certain enemy types.

Some units can create a counter-surge attack when hit by an enemy’s Surge. The ability works by jittering for a moment, then firing off a surge from its eyes and back at the attacker. The effect lasts for 1.7 seconds and takes the same amount of time to activate for both the user and the enemy.

Some units have the ability to do a Critical Hit, which ignores the Metal trait and inflicts extra damage. This is indicated by a yellow star burst that appears above the user. Units with this ability are also immune to warp attacks and wave attacks. This ability is only available for units that have reached their Evolved Form, which requires Catfruit and Catfruit Seeds.

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Faster Meatshields, Special Attacks, Power-Ups, and Special Powers in Nyanko Battle Cats

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