Internet Memes Clash in Epic Rap Battles and Rhythmic Duels

Nyan Cat Vs Nerd Cat

Prepare to embark on a unique and vibrant rhythmic duel with Nyan Cat. This popular internet meme was first published in April 2011 and features a Pop-Tart cat with a rainbow-like tail flying through space. The catchy Japanese song that accompanies the animation quickly became an internet sensation.

In this FNF mod, you must press the keys as they reach the judgment line. Watch out for the fast-moving arrows and be sure not to miss any notes.

Animeme Rap Battles – Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat

The producers of Epic Rap Battles of History have teamed up with Nerdist, Toonocracy, and Official Comedy to bring Internet memes into lyrical combat. Animeme Rap Battles, as the title suggests, pits popular Internet and nerd culture characters against each other in visually stunning rap battles. While the series is often hilarious, it could use a little work to up its game. Some of the raps resort to petty, childish name-calling that doesn’t reflect the personalities of the characters. Nevertheless, the show has a wide variety of YouTube creators voicing many of the iconic memes. Some of the better raps include Tay Zonday rapping as Old Spice Guy, Michelle Glavan as Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Shane Dawson rapping as Grumpy Cat.


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A popular meme, Nyan Cat is a cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart body that leaves a rainbow trail behind it as it flies through space. The cat has become an internet sensation and is featured in a variety of different media. There are even apps for the cat and music videos to go with it.

The song’s lyrics are simple and repetitive, but their meaning has been a topic of discussion. It consists of Hatsune Miku’s voice saying “nyan” over and over again. The word “nyan” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the cat’s meow, so it makes sense that the song would contain this word.

The cat’s popularity has led to a variety of merchandise, including posters and t-shirts. It has also been featured in the video game Scribblenauts, though it was removed from a recent update because of copyright issues. The creator of the meme, Chris Torres, recently sold a Nyan Cat NFT on the digital art marketplace Foundation.


A fun internet meme that is known for its catchy Japanese song and cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart body flying through space leaving a rainbow trail behind, Nyan Cat has become an icon in its own right. It has been used as a subject of photoshopped images, image macros, and even a video game. The meme has also inspired countless quotes that are a testament to the popularity of the cat.

This Friday Night Funkin’ mod brings the popular internet meme into FNF for a rhythm duel against Boyfriend. Using the same beats as in FNF, you’ll be tested as you attempt to keep up with Nyan Cat’s complicated notes at breakneck speed.

The only way to win this battle is to strain yourself and hit the right notes at exactly the right time, which can be tricky since arrows move rapidly up and down on the screen. It’s also important to watch the progression bar so that you don’t miss too many notes and lose.

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Internet Memes Clash in Epic Rap Battles and Rhythmic Duels

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