Komura and Mie’s Sweet and Unexpected Relationship

Buchou No Nyanko Review

buchou no nyanko is a sweet soft core manga that takes a while to get going, but once it does the characters really grow and the story gets much more interesting. The art is also lovely, Yumi Hisawa did a good job.

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While anime characters often kill monsters-of-the-week and Big Bads, the protagonists themselves rarely die in this way. Exceptions include a sociopathic teammate in Sailor Moon who tries to trap her nemesis with a black hole (which he himself accidentally blew up), Itona’s exploding tentacle machine, and Malachite/Kunzite being blasted by a reflected attack from his own weapon.

In Rurouni Kenshin, the puppetmaster Gein attempts to trap Aoshi in oil soaked wires. This backfires, as Aoshi uses his Shinsengumi to tie the wires around him.

This also happens to other characters with manipulative personalities. Nakamura-sensei from Nichijou repeatedly tries to capture Nano using paralysis powder, but every time her attempt fails. In one episode, she laces her coffee with the powder and accidentally spills it on herself, causing her to become unconscious and thus making her easier for Josuke to kill. In another incident, she tries to trick him by hiding a cockroach in his spoon, but the cockroach jostles its way out of the spoon and into his mouth.

Art style

The manga’s art style is very appealing. It is smooth and not rough like the early Bleach chapters. The proportions and styles of the characters have improved as well. The eyes are especially expressive and the lines are more detailed.

If you enjoy reading buchou no nyanko, you should check out more of Yumi Hisawa’s work. She has a great sense of story telling and does a good job of balancing the erotic scenes with some character development.


Buchou no nyanko is a cute, shoujo manga with a few mild erotic scenes. The story is surprisingly sweet and while it does take a few volumes to get going, it seems to have some actual character development. The art style is also pretty and Yumi Hisawa does a good job illustrating the characters.

Kaede Komura can’t help but fall for his airheaded classmate, Mie. When she constantly loses her glasses, Komura offers to help her out and slowly begins to see that she has more depth than meets the eye. The two develop a sweet, charming relationship as they work together.

Komura and Mie’s Sweet and Unexpected Relationship

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