Kutusita Nyanko Cat: A Popular Black Cat with Socks on Every Paw

Kutusita Nyanko Cat

Kutusita nyanko cat, a black cat with socks on every paw, is very popular with all the kids. He lives with a human called Papa and they are very happy together.

This kawaii cat pencil case is from the 2015 series from San-X. It is cute and hard wearing.


Kutusita Nyanko (black cat with socks on all four legs) and Fuku-chan are classic manekineko, or “beckoning cats”. They’re the lucky cats you see waving in front of businesses to beckon luck for the customers.

Rilakkuma is a bear in relaxed mood who’s constantly lazing around and doing things at his own pace. He’s a character impossible to hate.

Afro Ken is a cute dog with a rainbow afro. Cherry Berry is two adorable rabbits that love cherries and berries. Chibi Hamucha is an itty-bitty hamster who loves clovers.


Kutusita Nyanko is a small cat with white socks on each of his paws. He lives with his owner who calls him Papa. He loves strawberry and sweets and playing piano. He also enjoys hanging out with his kitty friends like the shy chocolate-colored Burme, the milk tea colored fuzzy haired Norwecci and the silver gray cat Russie who belongs to his human friend.

This cute cat character from San-X is known as a Manekineko or “lucky cat”. Similar to the waving cats you see at businesses, he is holding his left hand up to beckon luck your way! He is a red and gold striped cat with a pretty face.

This cute kitty is sure to cheer you up! He is perfect for using as a phone hanger or bag zipper charm. It also makes a great gift or present! Made in 2015 by San-X Japan. 80 seal bits / stickers per pack. Approximately 31/2 inches in size.


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Kutusita Nyanko is a small black cat that wears white socks on every paw. He lives with a human called Papa who loves him very much but works all day long to be able to afford cat food for him. He loves music, especially piano and violin, strawberries, and sweets.

This is a set of 2015 San-x Kutusita Nyanko cat stickers featuring the main characters Norutchi (milk tea color cat) & Russie (silver grey cat). Perfect for beautifying your schedule book, calendar or letter. 80 seal bits / sticker flakes in this pack. Each size is about 3 x 2 inches.


Kutusita Nyanko is a black cat who looks like it’s wearing socks on each of its paws. He lives with a human called “Papa” who loves him very much, but Papa has to work all day long to be able to buy cat food for his furry friends. Kutusita is an intelligent cat who enjoys music, especially the piano and violin. Strawberries and sweets are also his favourite foods.

He is often accompanied by Korilakkuma, a small white bear with a mischievous personality. The two are usually seen playing pranks on Rilakkuma, such as sewing colored patches onto his bear suits or drawing on him.

Other characters include Burme, a brown cat with milk tea colored fur and a shy personality. Kutusita also has a silver-grey cat named Russie, who is his good friend. These cats are part of the Sentimental Circus, a group of cute animals that come together at night to perform acts or circus tricks.

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Kutusita Nyanko Cat: A Popular Black Cat with Socks on Every Paw

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