Ninja’s Love Triangle

Ninja: Jay and Nya

Jay is one of the most light-hearted and cheerful ninja. He often makes jokes, but is also a caring and responsible friend.

He likes Nya very much and wants to marry her. He has been trying to propose for her throughout season 10 but is spooked by Garmadon every time.

Character Bio

Jay is the ninja who uses the element of Lightning. He is the youngest and most light-hearted of all the Ninja, often making jokes and causing others to be annoyed with him. He also likes to boast of his abilities, although this is usually to cover up any fear or anxiety he has.

He has a natural aptitude for machines and technology, being responsible for repairing the Destiny’s Bounty. He is very fond of inventing and gadgets, and loves the color blue. Jay is also one of the smartest of all the Ninja, although he can get quite embarrassed over his friends’ mistakes.

He is very loyal to his friends, as shown when he consoles Nya after she gets overwhelmed by her water powers in Seabound and when he assures everyone that Lloyd will rescue them from prison in The Forbidden Spinjitzu. Despite this, he can be rather reckless at times. He also has a crush on Nya, which is revealed in Season 6. He is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.

Nya’s Powers

Nya has the ability to manipulate water, which gives her a variety of powers. She can use her water-related powers to transform into a dragon and swim through the ocean, create storms, and summon whales. Nya is also able to breathe underwater. Her water-based powers can also be used to heal wounds and purify poisons. Nya can be explosive and hot-headed, much like her brother Kai, the Master of Fire.

Despite her powerful abilities, Nya is a coward in certain situations. She also tends to scream and panic in dangerous situations. She has a great love for Jay and is oblivious to his feelings, although she admits her feelings in season 6. Jay is surprised by her admission but still refuses to speak of their relationship publicly. However, he and Nya are still together in the present timeline. They are both still friends and teammates. They help each other hone their skills by practicing with each other.

Nya’s Relationship with Jay

Jay and Nya are a canon ship, and their romance is heavily emphasized in seasons like Skybound, March of the Oni, Prime Empire, and Seabound. They are also the only two ninjas to have a dance move named after them. Nya is a water ninja and Jay is a wind ninja, which explains their bond. They both have curly hair, and Jay generally wears blue clothing to represent his elemental color. He has brown eyebrows and light freckles.

When they first meet, Nya accidentally steps on Jay’s foot at the dance lesson and apologizes, but he says they can try again. They then end up dancing successfully. Jay later glares at the instructor, saying he was too good for her.

Nya’s Relationship with Cole

Nya and Cole have a close friendship similar to that of a brother and sister. They have supported each other through thick and thin, despite their differences. Nya is a strong, confident, and independent woman who doesn’t take things lying down. She is proud of her ninja skills and her ability to think on her feet. She and Cole both have a leadership presence and are confident in their abilities.

During Season 3, Nya discovers that she is perfectly matched with Cole (according to the Match Maker Machine). Though she initially showed no interest in him, she soon began developing feelings for him and started competing against Jay to win his affections.

When PIXAL mentions the possible connection between them, it causes Jay and Cole to get into a scuffle that even Kai and Zane get semi-involved in. Eventually, Nya decides to cut one of the wires that they were fighting over. She did this to prevent them from assuming anything about her decision.

Ninja’s Love Triangle

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