Safe Sites: Trustworthy Websites with Contact Information

Protect Yourself From Unsafe Sites With Contact Information

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A website with contact information can make the site appear more trustworthy to some people. It can help if the site displays an email address, phone number and physical address (if applicable), return policy, and social media accounts. These particulars won’t necessarily protect you from unsafe sites, but they can offer reassurance that someone is available to answer questions.

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Cybercriminals scour the web for unprotected users and try to trick them into downloading malware, revealing personal information, clicking on fake links, or more. Safe sites help keep visitors safe by displaying telltale signs that something might be wrong, but it’s not always easy to tell what these are.

The URL of a website is one clue to its authenticity. Look for “https,” which indicates a secure connection that protects your data from online predators. It is also important to read a site’s privacy policy, which will explain how the website handles your data.

Some websites have trust seals that indicate that they are verified by well-known cybersecurity brands or online payment vendors. While attackers have found ways to fake these seals, it is often easy to confirm their legitimacy by clicking on them and confirming the company name and address displayed in a pop-up window. Look for contact information as well — a legitimate site will list a phone number, email address, physical address (if applicable), return policy, and social media accounts.

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A site that displays contact information appears more trustworthy to many people. Ideally, safe websites will display an email address, phone number (and physical address if available), return policy (if applicable), and social media accounts. While these particulars won’t necessarily provide protection, they demonstrate that there’s a real person behind the website who can help you should something go wrong.

Another sign that a website is safe to use is its privacy policy. Almost all reputable websites will have one, and some countries require them by law. A privacy policy indicates that the company cares about your data and wants to be transparent about how it’s used.

Having all of this in mind, it should be easy to avoid falling prey to cybercriminals. By following these tips, you’ll be less likely to be a victim of malicious behavior and will be able to enjoy the benefits of digitization. For example, our safety software eliminates paper forms by automating and digitizing daily logs for construction jobsite check in and visitor screening.


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Most browsers offer a variety of tools that can help reduce the likelihood that you’ll end up on an unsafe site. They can block pop-ups, restrict potentially harmful flash content, limit access to your microphone, webcam, or mobile device, and more.

A secure website (HTTPS) encrypts your data so that cybercriminals can’t read it while it travels from server to server. You can often tell if a site is secure by looking for the padlock in your browser’s address bar or by checking for an SSL certificate. EV certificates show up as green, and they include the company name in the address bar to make it harder for criminals to impersonate a legitimate site.

To be extra confident, use comprehensive online protection software that works as a safe site checker. It should also protect you against malware downloads and other threats while providing anti-virus and behavioral shields. Then, you’ll be able to avoid sketchy sites without having to think about it.


While it may seem obvious, a website’s contact information can make a huge difference to the user. In fact, recent studies show that 44% of users will leave a site if it doesn’t offer any contact information. This includes a phone number, email address, physical address (if applicable), return policy, and social media accounts. While these won’t protect you from hacks, they at least show that there is someone to reach out to if something goes wrong.

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Safe site is a simple tool that allows you to effortlessly answer the question “is this website safe?” You can also use it to check how a specific resource has been rated by various security screening services. In addition, you can check the hall technical aspects of a website using our free Google Site Safety Checker. Check it out today to see how it can help you!

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Safe Sites: Trustworthy Websites with Contact Information

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