The Adventures of Nyanko, the Powerful Maneki-Neko Youkai

Manga Review of Nyanko

Yuki Midorikawa based her on a ceramic maneki-neko statue that she had as a child. She glued it back together after breaking it, and the statue is still at her family’s house.

Madara is a powerful beastly youkai who ordinarily takes the form of a maneki neko. He is Natsume’s bodyguard on the condition that he get the Book of Friends when Natsume dies.

Character Design

Nyanko is a lovable and a sly character who brings humor and entertainment to the show. While he can be selfish and arrogant, he is also very witty and entertaining.

According to astrology, Nyanko is a Sagittarius, which explains his adventurous personality and wanderlust. He is also philosophical and enjoys discussing big, abstract concepts like the meaning of life. He can be a bit impulsive and often takes risks that others wouldn’t, but he is also loyal to his friends.

He is an essential part of Natsume’s journey and is one of the most popular youkai in the series. He has been downloaded over 53 million times in Japanese (nyankosen daisensou / , niyankoDaZhan Zheng / ), Korean (nyanko Daejeonjaeng / , nyangkoDaejeonJaeng), and Chinese (Mao Mi Da-zhan-zheng / , The Cat’s Great War). The 3DS version of the game also has a battle mode. Nyanko lives with his kitty friends Burme, Norwecci, and Russie.

Voice Acting

A voice actor uses acting skills to portray a character and convey emotion. They work in a studio and record their performance, which is then played back for the audience. As a career, this can be a rewarding and challenging pursuit.

Nyanko’s role in Natsume is as an audience surrogate for young viewers. She is good-natured but rambunctious and frequently interacts with Astro in an attempt to cheer him on.

Corina Boettger is a professional voice actress and streams Genshin Impact on Twitch. She also does voices for anime, video games, drama CDs and Japanese-dubbed movies. She has a range of voices from different characters and genres. She regularly attends voice acting workshops and collaborates with other voice actors to develop her craft. She has worked on a variety of projects including the Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato and the Oishinbo anime series. She also has a range of vocal warm-ups and techniques to improve her delivery and reduce the risk of vocal strain.


A large, homely cat is passed over for small kittens at the pet shop. Until one day, a widower brings him home. Their relationship is one of the most touching in manga.

Sailor Tin Nyanko is the fourth Animamate to be introduced, coming from the planet Mau like Queen Serenity’s advisors Luna and Artemis. She first appeared in Act 53 posing as a new student from Libya, but hung around Usagi to the point of stalking her. Eventually, she revealed herself and confronted people from her own planet before being defeated by Sailor Star Fighter and the Galactica Bracelets she wears.

Madara takes the form of a chubby cat to hide his supernatural powers from ordinary humans, though he is still powerful enough to scare off interfering yokai. He is also shown to care for Natsume deeply, expressing it with his tsundere demeanor whenever he sees her in danger. He is especially fond of her cooking and mentions it frequently.

Anime Characters

While there are kappas, kitsune, gods, and other mythical creatures in this manga series, one of the most recurring characters is a minuscule cat spirit. Despite his size, Madara is easily the most powerful Youkai in the series.

He was once imprisoned in a shrine and was accidentally released by Natsume when he knocked over the lucky cat statue. Since then, he has taken on the form of a maneki-neko (fortune cat) in order to hide his identity.

Besides his ability to shapeshift and fly, he offers spiritual guidance, protection, and knowledge to those who seek it. While he often complains that he wants to eat Natsume, he is a good spirit who helps people when asked.

He also enjoys eating cuttlefish, drinking sake, and laying around on his bed with his three (personified) cats. In a way, he is a perfect example of the Enneagram Type 3: The Reformer. This personality type strives to be likable and helpful, which can sometimes lead to them putting on a people-pleasing façade.

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The Adventures of Nyanko, the Powerful Maneki-Neko Youkai

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