Toto’s Mischievous Adventures

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 2 The Adventure of Toto

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Toto liked to take a bath. He would check the water’s temperature and then step into it, one foot at a time. He then sat in the tub and rubbed himself with soap. 토토솔루션

1. How does Toto come to grandfather’s private zoo?

Grandfather bought Toto from a tonga driver for five rupees. He had seen the monkey tied to a feeding trough and felt sympathy for it. He decided to add it to his private zoo.

Toto was mischievous and would destroy things around the house, which the family could hardly afford to replace on a regular basis. He once threw down a large plate of pulao to spite his grandmother.

Toto used to take bath like a human, cunningly testing the water’s temperature with his hand before gradually stepping into it. He also rubbed himself with soap. This behaviour reveals that he was intelligent and had a sense of adventure. 카지노솔루션

2. “Toto was a pretty monkey.”

When Toto was younger, he was considered to be pretty. He had bright eyes that sparkled with mischief beneath deep set eyebrows. His teeth were white like pearls and he displayed them when he smiled. He also had a long tail that was useful for him and added to his beauty.

Toto was very mischievous and he often troubled his family members by scratching the walls, tearing curtains, and ripping garments. He even tore his own school blazer into thin pieces.

In the winter, Toto enjoyed taking a bath. He would dip his hand in the water to check its temperature and then step into it, one foot at a time.

3. What incident led to Grandfather’s decision of not keeping Toto as a pet?

Grandfather was a very keen lover of animals. He often brought different kinds of animals home and kept them in his zoo. But he never had a monkey before. Toto was mischievous and used to do many things in the house which made the other animals very unhappy.

Toto liked taking bath during cold winter evenings. He used to get into the large kitchen kettle filled with water. Once, he started jumping up and down in the water and almost boiled himself alive. He was rescued by grandmother.

Once the writer’s grandfather was unable to find a suitable place for Toto in his house. He decided to sell him back to the tonga-driver.

4. Why did the ticket collector call Toto a dog?

Toto was a mischievous monkey. He kept disturbing the other animals in grandfather’s private zoo and made holes in the narrator’s dresses and curtains. He even jumped into a kettle of water that was kept on stove for boiling. Luckily the grandmother came to his rescue before he almost boiled himself alive.

The family was not well to do and they could not afford to keep a naughty pet like Toto for long. They also realized that it was not safe to keep a monkey as a pet in their house. They decided to take him to Saharanpur by train. Grandfather got a special bag for him.

5. How does Toto take a bath?

In the winter, Toto would take a bath in the large bowl of warm water. He would cunningly test the water temperature and then step into it, one foot at a time (as he had seen the writer doing). He would then rub himself all over with soap.

Then he would run to the kitchen fire to dry off. He also enjoyed licking the cotton balls out of his ears. Toto’s mischievous nature and pearly white teeth added to his beauty. Hence, the pretty monkey became a great pet for the Author’s grandfather.

6. Why did Toto almost boil himself alive?

The family could not keep Toto as a pet for long because he was very mischievous and would tear things at home. He tore wallpapers, clothes and curtains and broke dishes as well. The family was not very well-to-do and they couldn’t afford to lose household items on a frequent basis.

Toto was also very naughty and would throw plates at grandmother and glasses of water at one of the aunts. He even tried to tear a hole in one of the aunts’ dresses.

Toto would take a bath by filling up a large kettle with water and placing it on the fire. He then hopped in with his head protruding and kept hopping up and down until the water was boiling. He likely learned this behavior by observing other monkeys taking baths.

Toto’s Mischievous Adventures

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